Candy B Complex 12 pcs


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Allowing a man to stay energized throughout the day!
Candy B plus Complex is a vitamin supplement contains of B1, B6, B12, Maca, Tribulus, Goji, Soy Lecithin, Fructose, Orange Extract. These essential nutrients help convert into fuel and allowing a man to stay energized throughout the day!

18 Benefit why you should try Candy B+
● Superior sexual performance
● Stabilize hormone
● Control cholesterol level
● Boots body immunity
● Controlling diabetes
● Controlling high blood
● Strengthen the walls of arteries
● Soothe menopausal syndrome
● Anti inflammatory
● Improve Fertility
● Activate metabolism rate
● Enhance Blood Circulation
● Prevent cardiovascular disease
● Helps fatigue and stress
● Strengthen the heart
● Improve Kidney
● Prevent lungs become weak
● Enhances memory

Direction of use:
As a dietary supplement. Adults- Take 1 Candy B+ every 3-4 days. Drink more water after consumption. Not recommended for children under 18 years of age.


Q: Is your product 100% original?
A: Yes, it's 100% original labelled with anti counterfeit sticker

Q: I can't verify the product security code or showed not valid?
A: We checked with Candy B HQ, they had error and mess up with their database (Verification Code).

Q: I insist on the valid anti counterfeit code?
A: Please google for others reseller.

Q: I received the 1st edition, can i exchange/ refund?
A: Good sold not returnable or refundable, we still have plenty of 1st edition to clear. Please no worry, your product is 100% original labelled with anti counterfeit sticker