Formax Daily Pills (Cordyceps Sinensis) 60 cap


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Cordyceps sinensis is a fungus that parasitize caterpillars, specifically the larva of the hepialid moth. When the fungus parasitizes the larva, its mycelia, which is a mass of branching, threadlike hyphae, fill the entire body of the host and kills it. The entire fungus larva combination is collected for traditional used in herbal medicine for centuries.

Cordyceps are mainly grown in high mountain regions of the world, especially parts of the Himalayas in China, and are actually grown on the backs of caterpillars!

Formax™ Cordyceps Sinensis has been formulated to promoting general enhancement due to aging or major illness, individuals may present with general weakness.

Cordyceps sinensis is used for enhancing overall bodily functioning or restoration, strengthening the immune system, improved respiratory health, increase oxygen uptake, boost heart health, detoxify the body, prevent certain types of cancer, slow the aging process, promoting longer life and improving liver function in people with hepatitis B.

Cordyceps sinensis can be used to treat coughs, chronic bronchitis, respiratory disorders, kidney disorders, night time urination, male sexual problems, anemia, irregular heartbeat,high cholesterol, liver disorders, dizziness, weakness, ringing in the ears, unwanted weight loss, opium addiction, anemia, sweating and sensitivity to low temperatures.

Some people used cordyceps sinensis as a stimulant, a tonic and an “adaptogen,” which is used to increase energy, enhance stamina and reduce fatigue.

Below are more health benefits information showed for cordyceps which mentioned above.

Energy Booster: One of the most undeniable health benefits of cordyceps is its ability to significantly boost energy levels and has long been known to athletes for the bursts of energy. Cordyceps increases the amount of oxygen uptake in the body and enhance cellular energy production, thereby providing that extra push for people who need a shot of energy!

Heart Health: Research studies on the effects of cordyceps have come up with many exciting results, especially in relation to cardiovascular health. One study showed that patients given a powdered supplement of cordyceps were significantly less likely to suffer heart failure. This is mainly due to the anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic properties of the herb, which can prevent heart arrhythmia and other complications.

Cholesterol Levels: On a similar note, one of the chemical pathways affected by cordyceps is closely related to cholesterol levels. “Bad” cholesterol levels go down and “good” cholesterol levels can go up, effectively protecting the heart, as well as numerous other organ systems that are affected by cholesterol, such as our metabolism and endocrine system. You can help prevent atherosclerosis and subsequent heart attacks and strokes by making cordyceps a part of your weekly herbal treatments.

Respiratory Function: As mentioned above, cordyceps is able to increase the amount of oxygen taken in by the lungs and while this is helpful for athletes, it is also beneficial for those suffering from respiratory conditions, such as asthma or chronic bronchitis. By increasing oxygen intake, this helps to prevent respiratory distress and weakness. Also, increasing oxygen levels helps to oxygenate the body’s extremities better, so organ systems as a whole run more efficiently.

Cancer Prevention: People are always looking for the next big solution in the battle against cancer and some of the unique biochemical compounds found in cordyceps certainly fit the bill in that respect. There has been direct correlations between the consumption of cordyceps and tumor size reduction. By shrinking tumors, cordyceps can help slow the spread of cancer and even make it easier to eliminate or put into remission. This is combined by the antioxidant activities of cordyceps, which helps to eliminate free radicals throughout the body.

Immune System Booster: Cordyceps directly stimulates the production of NK cells (Natural Killer cells), which are one of the body’s first lines of defense against infection and illness. These immune protective effects help with a wide range of ailments from cancer to  the common cold and everything in between.

Anti-Aging Properties: Although many people claim to know the secret to anti-aging, some of the most reliable research stands behind using cordyceps, which has powerful concentrations of anti-aging compounds that can help to rejuvenate the skin, eliminate dead or dying cells and improve the appearance of blemishes, wrinkles, and age spots effectively shaving years off your life!

Sexual Dysfunction: One of the most interesting effects of cordyceps is its apparent impact on sexual dysfunction in men. Numerous research studies have shown that men suffering from low levels of sexual energy or poor libido saw clear improvement after adding cordyceps herbal supplements to their diet.

Detoxify the Body: Although the exact chemical pathway of this is unclear, studies have shown that kidney health improves notably after only one month of regular cordyceps herbal usage.

INSTRUCTION: As a dietary supplement, take 2 (Two) capsules daily with water. For best results, light exercise and a sensible diet are recommended. Use this product for no less than 12 weeks for maximum results.