Minilove Gel 10 ml

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Specially designed for women and passed women test, using nano plant extraction technology and small molecules of water formula, effectively improve the the female sexual feeling and orgasm pleasure.

Anti-bacterial on female vulva and private part. Remove frigidity, increase sexual excitement and enhance orgasm;
Improve female sex experience, stimulate and enhance sexual desire. Short the coming time of orgasm. Make the experience more perfect.

● Enhance Your Love Life
● Increases Clitoral Sensitivity
● Heightens Clitoral And Vaginal Sensations
● Water Soluble & Washable
● Stimulation Cream For Women
● Safe For Use With Condoms
● Activate the excitement factor of private part
● Natural ingredients without any harm to the body
● Accelerate blood circulation and get high easily
● Suitable for normal and frigid people
● Long term using can improve the sensitivity of clitoris
● Colourless & odorless

How to use:
1) Use this product 5 minutes before sexual intercourse
2) Apply on your private part and massage with finger pulp for complete absorption
3) A minute later the use of this product will bring the excitement, hot itching and increased fluid secretion


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