Catuaba Original 10 sac


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Stamina increasing & virility booster !
Catuaba designed and formulated keeping a man’s body in mind. Its bio availability and absorption has been designed as per man’s internal body systems. It is a stamina-increasing product as the ingredients used in Catuaba also serve as male-vitamins that not only nourishes but also rejuvenates male reproductive organs.

What can you expect from Catuaba for men?
Catuaba is expected to give you following benefits:

● Improved performance
● Enhanced intimacy
● Increased visibility
● Boost in stamina and vigor
● Long lasting effects
● Heightened male libido
● Overall confidence and masculinity

New and improved formula of Catuaba contains herbs that are timely tested and trusted. In laboratories, the herbs have shown man aphrodisiac effects, and thus the product has been used by hundreds of thousands of men across the world.

Direction Of Use
●  Suitable for all men
●  Tear the packet and pour the powder underneath your tougue (swallow with water)
●  Consume 1 hour before love making

NOTE: Men with diabetes and heart decease are recommended to take less frequent.


Q: Is your product 100% original?
A: Yes, it's 100% original but without label with anti counterfeit sticker.

Q: Why your price is lower compare to market?
A: We ordered large quantity and keep stocks to compete the market.

Q: Why your product is without anti counterfeit sticker (with/without code)?
A: Straight from factory, offered you lower price without go through any second/third party company for label anti counterfeit sticker. Many competitors claimed their products is original with anti counterfeit sticker. In fact it's not, it's just their marketing strategy to force consumer buy from them.

Q) So buying with a labelled sticker considered is original but without is counterfeit?
There are no such thing yet! It's still origin from same manufacturer. So why pay extra just for a sticker?

Q: I insist on the valid anti counterfeit sticker with code of certain website?
A: Please google for other resellers.

Q: I received the outdated edition, can i exchange or refund?
A: Good sold are not returnable or refundable, no point if you want exchange the same things but only the packaging or box different.