Formax Super Delay Gel 10 ml


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FORMAX Super Delay Gel 10 ml
● Proven in delays premature ejaculation
● Increases blood flow circulation
● Improves the quality of erection

● Lasts for more than 60 minutes!
● No side effects
● Safe and halal
● 100% made form herbal extracts
● The best and clinically proven

Works amazingly in delaying men’s ejaculation, greatly lengthen periods of excitement and a significant increase in the ability to maintain intercourse is what you can come to expect
from constant used of this quality assured product.

Usage: Apply the gel over your entire penis, especially on the head (glans) of your penis 5 minutes before intercourse activity. Rinse and wash with water afterward. Control usage amount by the features according to your physical condition.

Note: The benefits of this product will lasts up to 60 minutes after application. This product contains a non-numbing formula and does not burn or numb your skin. It is different from Delay Gel or Spray or Magic Tissue in the market


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