FORMAX Super Delay Gel 10 ml


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Effectiveness: Lasts up to 60 minutes
Note: Rinse and wash with water after 5 minutes of applied
Recommended For: Male who is looking for extend time of intercourse activities

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FORMAX Super Delay Gel 10 ml
● Proven in delays premature ejaculation
● Increases blood flow circulation
● Improves the quality of erection

● Lasts for more than 60 minutes!
● No side effects
● Safe and halal
● 100% made form herbal extracts
● The best and clinically proven

Gain control over your orgasms now
Works amazingly in delaying men's ejaculation, greatly lengthen periods of excitement and a significant increase in the ability to maintain intercourse is what you can come to expect
from constant used of this quality assured product.

Apply the gel over your entire penis, especially on the head (glans) of your penis 05 minutes before intercourse activity. Rinse and wash with water afterward. Control usage amount by the features according to your physical condition.

The benefits of this product will lasts up to 60 minutes after application. This product contains a non-numbing formula and does not burn or numb your skin. It is different from Delay Gel or Spray or Magic Tissue in the market.

Description (BM)

FORMAX Super Delay Gel 10 ml
● Terbukti melambatkan ejakulasi pramatang
● Meningkatkan peredaran darah
● Menambahkan ketegangan ereksi

Selain itu:
● Tahan lebih lama selama 60 minit!
● Tiada kesan sampingan
● Selamat dan halal
● 100% dibuat dari ekstrak herba
● Yang terbaik dan terbukti secara klinikal

Kawalan klimaks terbaik dan terbukti
Berkesan dengan luar biasa dalam melambatkan ejakulasi lelaki, memanjangkan masa bersama dan menigkatkan keupayaan untuk mengekalkan hubungan seks , itu adalah apa yang anda akan kecapi sekiranya menggunakan produk ini secara konsisten

Cara guna:
Sapukan gel ke seluruh zakar terutamanya di kepala zakar anda 05 minit sebelum aktiviti persetubuhan. Bilas dan basuh dengan air. Jumlah penggunaan bergantung kepada keadaan fizikal.

Keberkesanan produk ini akan bertahan selama 60 minit selepas kegunaan. Produk ini mengandungi formula yang tidak akan meninggalkan rasa kebas ataupun rasa terbakar kepada kulit. Ia berbeza daripada Delay Gel atau Magic Tissue yang berada di pasaran.


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