Formax Super Delay Gel (Gambir King) 10 ml


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Works amazingly in delaying men's ejaculation, greatly lengthen periods of excitement and a significant increase in the ability to maintain intercourse is what you can come to expect from constant used of this quality assured product.

Premium formula combines the best ingredients with guaranteed potencies to support men’s vitality and virility. Highly recommend this product for men who are looking for a superior formula to address male performance concerns.

Uncaria Gambir have proven themselves to be extremely potent cure in premature ejaculation. Uncaria Gambir has gained its popularity worldwide as the effective natural herb to help men to last longer in bed.

The secret is in the formulation which has evolved over the last decade as new university studies and clinical trials have been released about both newly discovered herbals and ancient premature solution.

Formax™ Delay Gel act as desensitizing gel which you apply directly to your intimate part to reduce the sensitivity. Just a dab applied to your intimate part produces a pleasant, numbing sensation and giving you greater thrusting control!

After application, you are required to wait for approximately 10 minutes after application, in order to allow the gel to fully absorb into your skin. Remember to rinse with water after application and you are ready for a longer and more satisfying intimate time.

How effective and safe an “all-natural” Formax™ could be, we can assure you that it comes to you with:

● A 10 years track record
● Used by more than 10,000 of men
● Physician endorsements
● Clinically studies proving safety & efficacy
● Certified with GMP, ISO 9001:2000, Halal

Proven to regain ejaculatory control for more than 30 minutes in ensured your partner’s satisfaction, over and over again.

INSTRUCTION: Apply over the head and shaft of your intimate part 10 minutes before activity, then spread evenly. And the benefits will last up more than 30 minutes. Control usage amount by the features according to your physical condition. Rinse and wash with water if necessary.