Soloco Chocolate Candy 12 pcs


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Sky Fruit are rich & grows in one of the cleanest and most locations in the South Pacific, Solomon Islands. The fruit grows upright facing the sky, hence it was named: Sky Fruit.
The height of the Sky Fruit tree can be as high as 460 feet while the roots can grow as deep as 20 feet, so it contains a lot of natural nutritional values.

Local residents have been taking Sky Fruit for its medicinal purposes for more than a thousand years, from generation to generation. Local doctors have also inserted Sky Fruit in their prescriptions. The Sky Fruit is also known as “The King of Plants”.

7 Natural Ingredients & Benefits:

Dark Chocolate
●  Prevents Heart Disease
●  Eliminates Fatigue
●  Enhances Eyesight
●  Reduces Cancer Risks
●  Improves Memory

●  Regulates Blood Pressure
●  Reduce Inflammation
●  Boosts Immunity
●  Relieves Constipation
●  Anti Bacterial
●  Prevents Heart Disease

●  Boosts Energy
●  Increases Mental Focus
●  Reduces LDL Cholesterol Levels
●  Enhances Immune System
●  Strengthens Lung's Functions

Sky Fruit (3 Active Ingredient)
●  Flavonoids
●  Improves Blood Circulation
●  Prevention Of Vascular Obstrution
●  Improves Blood Circulation
● Strengthens Heart
● Lowers Fat & Cholesterol
● Prevention Of Vascular Obstruction
● Delay Menopause
● Inhibit Viral Growth

●  Strengthens Heart
●  Lowers Fat & Cjolesterol

●  Delays Menopause
●  Inhibit Viral Growth

●  Improves Kidney Functions
●  Anti-Inflammation
●  Decelerates Aging Process
●  Increases Stamina
●  Enhances Respiratory System

●  Prevents Parkinson's Disease
●  Relieves Fatigue
●  Prevents HIV Infection
●  Improves Memory (Alzheimer's Disease)
●  Reduces Nervousness
●  Treats Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia

Acai Berry
●  Improves Body Cells
●  Prevents Cancer
●  Potent Antioxidants
●  Increases Vitality
●  Improves Blood Circulation


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